Four Years Of Unconditional Love

    Well, I almost let the month go past without mentioning my 4-year Wedding Anniversary to my Husband!  He promised me unconditional Love and I have to say, so far, he has kept his promise.  I think he knows, as soon as I don't feel unconditional love, he could have a crazy wife on his hands.  I'm still not quite sure how he knew that was the one thing he had to say to guarantee a, "Yes, I will marry you".

     I believe I mentioned in previous post that this is my second marriage.  My first marriage, I was young and he was 9 years older, so I grew up and we grew apart.  I heard a saying recently that God put certain people together sometimes just to create certain people.  I like that saying and I have accepted that as our purpose.  Someone wanting to marry me the first time who accepted the fact that I could have a child with hemophilia, I have to admit I thought it would never happen.  Therefore, when I decided to get divorced with two children and one with a bleeding disorder, I still was not confident that someone else would want to marry me.

     For the first two months after my first husband and I decided to divorce, I didn't tell anyone.  I was embarrassed and felt like a failure.  One night I was playing cards with some friends from work, had a few drinks (liquid courage), and casually mentioned that I was getting a divorce.  A month later, one of those friends at a New Years Eve party pulled me aside and said, "I know you are getting a divorce and you will be back on the market soon and I just want to let you know I'm interested in dating you".  He threw a few more lines in there, but I will spare you the details.  It did help his case that soft music and candle-lights were setting the mood.  So, this New Years Eve will be our 10 year Anniversary of actually being together!  I know, I know I'm easy!

Mother's Day is Mine, Mine, Mine!!

     I don't want to spend Mother's Day with my kids.  Yes, I said it and I mean it.  Let me say before there is  any misunderstanding, I Love My kids very much.  They mean the world to me and they are my world.  Everyday, I spend 15 hours a day with 2 of the 4...the other 9 hours they are sleep.  My children make me laugh and everyday I ask God to protect them and I pray he allows each of them to live a full happy life.  But Mother's Day, I think should be exactly what it is called Mother'SSS Day, mine, mine mine!

     Think about it this way.  If I spend the day with my children,  it's really not MY day.  Yes, they may give me a special breakfast in the morning and I will have that, "Oh, Mommy we love you so much!," moment.  But, who's going to have to clean the kitchen?  You would think my Husband and he would wash the pots,...but would the kitchen really be clean?!  If your lucky enough to be taken out to lunch or dinner, it's not like you didn't put the work into getting everyone together and out of the house.  When you finally make it out to dinner, you can't ignore the messy hands and juice spills...nope your still a "Mother" on Mother's Day.

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