Hemophiliacs in the Army?

     Well, Marques(8) was finally able to win the front seat from his older sister Maree'(12), on our way to take her to the Doctor.  I know he really enjoys sitting up front, so I smile when he wins.  As always, he makes use of this time, by asking me questions about liking a girl or anything else he has on his mind.  I don't know if it is because of all the talk about the 10th Anniversary of 911, but War was the subject of the day!

     Marques was letting me know, he did not want to fight in a War.  He didn't understand why people could not "compromise" (yes, his word) instead of fighting.  He said,  he had a friend that wanted to fight.  For some reason, I started thinking about him getting drafted since he was the oldest son......Then it hit me.....your a bleeder you can't go to war!  Based on what I always remember hearing, the Army does not take people with a handicap or medical issue; but is hemophilia one of them?  I thought I remembered my Dad saying he couldn't go into the military because of his hemophilia, but that was so long ago.  Now that we have factor available and you can self-infuse does that change the requirement?

     Based on what I read on About.com, Marques not wanting to be in the Army is not a problem because the feeling is mutual.  He would automatically fail the military medical standards because he has hemophilia.  I guess I don't have to worry about him being recruited either.
     However, It does make me think about other men and women, that do want to protect this Country and fight terrorism; can not because of thier bleeding disorder.  I would have to agree that I would not want them in combat, but what about the other positions in the service that are not front line that they could serve in?  Also, what about the fact that joining the army offers a pay check, tuition for college and most importantly BENEFITS.  I don't know much about the Army, but I would think there was something a person with hemophilia could do to serve the Country.
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