Memories of my Dad at NHF Annual Meetings

My Dad class Halloween picture
     My Father Richard O. Johnson, Sr. was what people would now call an "Old School Hemo".  When he was younger dealing with hemophilia bleeds he didn't have factor at home to use as needed.  My Grandmother (as my Dad would tell it...)had to sometimes carry him to the hospital on her back because she didn't have money for the bus or cab.  When he was growing up they put him in a school for kids with Special Needs because he had hemophilia.  Through it all he still lived his life as much as he pain from severe joint damage in both knees. 

     I think...when I was about 13 years old he had both knees replaced.  Getting his knees replaced made him more mobile.  He chose to use his new mobility working with The New Jersey Hemophilia Association and The Delaware Valley Chapter of NHF.  He was also on a committee with NHF that would choose one family to sponsor at the yearly NHF meeting.  My Dad enjoyed attending the NHF annual meetings.  It's funny, one of the earliest NHF meetings I remember my Dad attending was in Orlando.  I guess that is why them having the 64th Annual NHF Meeting in Orlando is bringing up so many memories.

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