30 Day Thankful Challenge: Thankful for "Factor Time" during the maturing age!

     So on the Prophyholic Facebook page, I’m doing the 30 days of Thankfulness Challenge and applying it to being a Prophyholic Hemophilia Mom.  I’m nervous I won’t make it!   I’m trying hard not to miss a day or undervalue the experience with easy or repetitive things to be thankful for.

     On this journey I had an Oprah, “Aha moment”!   I am thankful for the connection time I had while giving my son his factor to treat his hemophilia.  I wanted to share this in a more detail blog post because I want every Mom to realize that “Factor Time” is a great experience and journey.

     For most Hemophilia Moms, starting home infusion for prophy is rough on you!  Most likely your child was an infant/toddler and you have to tell yourself that the pain of sticking him with this needle is less pain than a joint bleed.  So, for years you go through this several times a week, filled with good days of cooperation and bad days of him fighting you tooth and nail.  Eventually though, through my experience, as your child gets older and mature they realize that "factor time" is a must and you have his full cooperation and help.

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