Happy Father's Day!

    In honor of Father's Day I wanted to give a shout out in heaven to my Father, Richard Oliver Johnson, Sr. 6/27/1951-1/6/2009.  He was a man of many self taught talents.  His biggest talent was being able to connect to people and keep them drawn to him. 
     He used this talent in the hemophilia community as an Outreach Specialist for The New Jersey Hemophilia Association of New Jersey.  His goal as an Outreach specialist was to educate, enlighten and empower the total hemophilia community, regardless of culture, socioeconomic, or gender difference.  He wanted  to make sure the next generation of hemophilia patients did not go through the pain and suffering that his generation went through.
     I was blessed, as a mother of a child with hemophilia, to have him as a reference and to make sure I was connected to the right people and information to care for my son.  I know he would enjoy seeing his Grandson's running and playing pain free, but I know he is watching!   
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