Budget Diet To Pay Medical Bills

     B-U-D-G-E-T...it's not a very attractive word!  It automatically makes me think of things I wish I could buy, but can't.  I have to admit that I do cheat on my budget from time to time shh, don't tell the husband!  In the end though I figured it will all balance out.  What doesn't help my budget is when I have to fit in a medical bill. 

     It's that time of year where the boys have had their factor levels checked, iron, hep, etc...and because Laithan broke out with a crazy rash I had an inhibitor test done.  Wow, is all I could say when I saw the bill.  Laithan's blood work totaled $1,907 reduced to member rate of $1,319.65, but I still get a bill for $663.93 (500 deductible plus 20% co-insurance).  Add on another bill for Marques that just came in for $498, I can't even look at the clothes ad in the paper.  I'm going to have to go on a strict budget diet to payoff these new medical bills.  I'm thinking,.. I should get them on a different blood work schedule so I can have time to pay off one bill before another one comes!

     What I will look at in the paper is the coupons!  Clipping coupons have really helped me reduce my food budget for the month and it's also one of the monthly expenditures I can control.  If I could use a coupon for the mortgage, that would helpCouponing can be quite tedious and takes a lot of planning, since I'm a stay at home Mom I can take those extra hours on each week.  I look at it as a part-time job because I'm saving our family atleast $400 a month on groceries! 

Total for the above was $30.34 saving $89.68 (75%)!
     I've been couponing for about 2 years now and I'm not an expert, but I have reduced my grocery bill 40%-60% consistently.  My motto to the kids is, "If its not on sale, don't ask me for it!"  When huge medical bills like these two new one's come in, using coupons creates more wiggle room in my budget.  I don't stockpile like the show on TLC, "Extreme Couponing", because no one needs that much toothpaste and yogurt, but I will buy enough of an item on sale to last until the next sale cycle. 

     One of the websites I use to help cut down on planning my shopping trips is www.SouthernSavers.com.  This site is regionally based on coupons in my area, so definitely look for one in your area.  Also, you can look for local coupon meetup groups where you can trade in those dog food coupons for items you need.  My local group meets at the library.  I haven't gone yet but I may soon. 

     Besides going back to work, I don't know how else I could manage with these extra medical bills.  I'm lucky and grateful to have insurance.  After I get past the co-pay and deductable stage, I'm even happier!

How do you budget in medical bills?

My Son Dances Like John Travolta!

     My favorite childhood memories are the times my Dad would blast music through the house and I would sing and dance.  It was one creeky spot on the floor that if you danced there, it would make the needle skip on the record player.  My Dad would shoot me a quick look.  Good thing they came out with CDs, because the stress of one of his records getting scratched inhibited my dance moves! 

     All these memories came rushing back the other day, when I was listening to an oldies station...oldies for me is the 80's...and one of the songs my Dad and I played over and over again came on.  I jumped up, turned it up and started to dance around the livingroom.  I was home alone, at first, so I really turned it up and let loose.  Towards the end...because you know back then songs were much longer..my son came home from school.  At first he didn't know what to think!   I told him to come dance with me!    That's when he busted out the John Travolta dance move from "Staying Alive" hips going and all!  Funny, he has never seen the movie, but he knew the moves.

     I was concious of this moment, because I wanted him to remember this moment.  One day when he's older and has his own family, I want him to have a flashback moment of him and Mom dancing in the living room.  I also want him to create the same memory for his kids.  My son's childhood memories will be much happier than my Dad's were.  Because of his hemophilia, My Dad had many childhood stories of him being in the hospital and things he couldn't do as a kid.  My son's childhood memories, thank God, will not be like my Dad's.  Hopefully, he will have more stories about how crazy his Mother was!

     When is the last time you danced with your son? 
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