Random Thought: I Love October!

     I'm sitting outside today and the wind is blowing softly, the sun is shining warm and the leaves are making beautiful music as they begin to turn colors.  Now I live in SC, so everybody's October is not like mine but I hope you have a day in the season like this. 

     Right now I want to go for a ride in my car...sure wish I had a convertible so I could let the top down...and take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway through the Mountains of NC; so I can really see the true beauty of this time of year. 

Picture shared on Blue Ridge Parkway Facebook Page
     It's kind of crazy when you think about how hard the leaves have worked this summer to provide us shade and now they give us the most beautiful natural show before they fall from their home.  While I write this, I begin to wonder, "Why do leaves change color?"  Per the USDA Forest Service, "As days grow shorter, and nights grow longer and cooler, biochemical processes in the leaf begin to paint the landscape with Nature's autumn palette."

     So, as I sit here enjoying the breeze and the beautiful music of the leaves, I realize it's like the last song you hear at the end of a great party to let you know it's coming to an end. 

I hope you enjoyed the warm weather, get your last outdoor activities done because it's coming to an end!  
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