Re-organzing Factor Supplies

          So a few weeks ago, I shared with you a picture of how I stored my factor supplies and how I had to change everything.  I couldn't keep the Twins out of the Pantry.  Apparently, you can see from the picture below, they had their own idea of where to put away the factor supplies. 

     In order to prepare for my new shipment of supplies this month, Mommy needed to take control.  We have a closet near the garage door that I thought would make a great new home for the supplies.  We keep the factor in the fridge in the garage, so you have to go past this closet anyway.  The closet was being used to store my Husband items for Boy Scouts, he's a Leader.  Also, in the closet were items that someone (which would only be me), needed to find a home for. 
     Anyway, with a little work I was able to make the factor supplies a new home.

Factor Strike...Might Be Over!

     One reason why, I love writing this blog on hemophilia because it gives me a chance to THINK about what I do instead of just doing it. 

     After writing about how Laithan was still on Factor Strike and describing how he was okay up to the point it was time to put in the needle... it hit me.  I need to change up the situation because he is a creature of habit and order.  My big idea was to remove DADDY!

     Now, the first time I removed Daddy, it took me about a half hour just to get Laithan to sit down. I did his factor early in the day, before Daddy came home, but Marques was home from school.  I did my normal yell of, "factor time".  I asked Laithan who he wanted to go first, of course he wanted to go first.  I had everything out and he was about to sit down and Laithan said..."I need Daddy lap".  I told him, "We don't need Daddy anymore".  "Your a big boy", I continued telling him this, but he wasn't going for it.  Then I threatened to do Marques factor first, which made him more upset.  

     I was just about to try a lollipop (the same one's I'm trying to get him and his twin sister to potty train with...which isn't working)  or some numbing cream (never used on him or Marques) because I was getting desperate and did not want to waste the factor.  Just when I was about to give up, I asked him one more time to help me...he asked for gloves...I put the gloves on him...and he held the syringe while I was put the needle in his port.  He stayed so still.. no fighting, no pulling away or trying to stop me..I just stayed quiet until we were done.  Like magic, he went back to how he was a few months ago.  After I pulled the needle out his port, I yelled and gave him big high five and hug!

     The next factor day...Daddy was home.  I ignored the fact that Daddy was home and tried to repeat the same pattern.  At first, he said "I need Daddy lap".  I told him,  "No, Your a big boy now and a big helper".  He repeated what I said, put on his gloves and we did it with no problem!

Laithan "drumming" up business at garage sale
     How do you spell R-E-L-I-E-F!  Fighting with Laithan had become such a burden and sometimes factor day got skipped if my husband had to work late.  It's amazing how he use to fight for his life and now just sits there calmly.  I'm so glad I have boxes of extra gloves and hopefully we won't run out until he's tired of wearing them!

Still on Factor Strike

  I blogged two months ago about my son Laithan (2) on Factor strike.  There has been no changes....well maybe a little.  I told you how he use to be so great sitting there like a champ in a chair by himself while I gave him factor.  Now my husband has to hold him down.

     He has improved a little.  When he first started his factor strike he would run to his room or sit at the top of the steps, while I was getting things ready.  Now, when I say, "factor time" he runs to get his supplies.  At the age of two, he already knows what to get and how to use it.  My mother was so impressed this week when he brought her into the pantry and explained everything.  She suggested (in her motherly way) I need to record I will and I'll share it with you.  You would think that he was a pro taking his factor.  He still insist on sitting on my husbands lap, he lets me wipe his port area off with alcohol and then the needle goes up....he tries to kick or swipe it away and the hold down begins.

Bubble Wrapped Birth: Jeff Johnson, "a totally 'normal' hemo" shares his heart on how our feelings can affect our children:

     Please read posting on Bubble Wrapped Birth blog....some great conversations in comments.  Curious to hear other opinions and feelings from Mothers and Sons about playing any sport like 'normal' boys regardless of their hemophilia.
Bubble Wrapped Birth: Jeff Johnson, "a totally 'normal' hemo" shares his heart on how our feelings can affect our children:

  Also, please let me know if anyone knows of any boy with hemophilia playing middle school, high school, or college football. Very curious to hear their story. 

Organizing Factor Supplies

  Well, I can't keep the twins out of the pantry!  They think it's another room to play in.  Since I currently keep all the boys factor supplies in there, it's not the best place for two year olds to be.  I took the below picture two years ago and everything is still organized the same way.  (Yes, that is  As you know, with home infusion you have to keep everything together and easy to get to three times a week.  Being a Prophyholic Hemo Mom, I'm always looking for ways to simplify the process.


     Two years ago I went to the Dollar Tree and brought these containers so I could stop living out the boxes and actually see what I had.  It also was good for my son because he was able to gather his supplies easier for factor day.  I know when I first started with home infusion, it didn't come with any instructions on how to organize all this stuff.  Now that I have two boys, one with a port and one with out, to treat three times a week it's even more important that the supplies stay organized.  

     Well, this way is not going to work anymore.  I'm working on a new way to organize my supplies and will update you when I'm done.

     How do you organize your supplies?

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