Independent heartache!

     My son at 11 just cooked his bowl of Ramen noodles by himself and my heart starting pulsating with …Well, I’m not quite sure with what!

     My first instinct is to say fear, but why would fear of him being able to make his own noodles make my heart pulsate?  He’s very responsible and I trust that he would pay attention to what he is doing.
     Could it have been shock?

Three things I wouldn't have at my Halloween Party!

     We all know Halloween can be a bit bloody.  If your child has hemophilia, your job is to avoid blood 365 days a year.  I found a few Halloween themed ideas for a party, a Hemo Mom would probably not want to have:

1.  A Bloody Fondue Bar
     A Hemo Mom doesn't want to see blood flowing.  We stay on our tight prophylaxis schedule to avoid such problems and a hell of a lot of money on factor!

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