Father's Day Reminds Me I will Forever Miss My Dad

CEO of NHF Val Bias and I
at Hemophilia of SC Annual Meeting 2013
     I was so surprised when I received the Hemophilia of South Carolina Annual Meeting agenda and Val Bias was coming to discuss, "My Life Our Future, Genotyping for Progress in Hemophilia".  Wow, the CEO of NHF coming to little old SC chapter meeting!  I was excited because Val Bias was an old friend of my Dad, whom I never met.

     So after the board dinner and meeting, I waited to introduce my family to Val Bias.  I somehow was trying to convince myself that he wouldn't remember my Dad, so maybe I should change my mind.  My husband encouraged me to stay and wait.  I shyly said, "Hi, I'm Lovee' the daughter of Richard Johnson, do you remember my Dad?"  Of course, he did remember my Dad and also commented that he was a good friend and a good leader in the community!  I proudly introduced him to my sons.  He smiled and said, "WOW"!  

     That Wow, made me feel emotional.  I immediately thought about my Dad never meeting Laithan.  Marques was only 6 years old when my Dad passed so, he doesn't have a vivid memory of my Dad.  It was such a great feeling to introduce them to someone that had a high regard for my Dad.   

     I sometimes wonder what his involvement in the hemophilia community would be if he was still alive and healthy.  It's only been 4 years since he died, but I would love to hear his opinion on how things have changed.  I know that he was impressed with how well Marques was doing on prophy, but I would love to see his face when I tell him we are signing up Marques for basketball.  We are even going to find Laithan a toddler baseball team, because the boy cannot get enough of playing it!  

Marques age 1 and my Dad at
Hemophilia Association of NJ fall gathering
     The effects of hemophilia on my Dad's life is different than my sons'.  They have quick access to medicine and doctors.   Also, because of what happened to him getting HIV, there have been advancements to make sure they are getting clean medicine.  I will never lose the mindfulness of how big a deal it is that my sons are living a pain free life.  My father lived in pain every day of my life.  I know there were things he couldn't do or come to because of that pain.  I do not want my grandchildren to have a father that is living in pain and restricted in what he can do with them or for them because of hemophilia.

     I really had the best Dad!  My friends loved coming over to my house to talk to him.  He even tutored my best friend in math.  My extended family adored my Dad.  He was the leader in the family and everyone valued his opinion.  As I got older, my Dad became my best friend.  I had no secrets with him.  My first husband hated how close we were.  I guess there should be some things you keep between you and your husband, but I discussed everything with my parents.     I would always say, "My Dad said....", which I guess, I can see now, how that can get on somebody's nerves!  I don't think I have really gotten over grieving his lost.  I'm not in everyday depression, however, I do cry easily at any Dad related movies..you should of seen me at "The Croods" movie.  

     I really do miss him!  I believe that he can see my children, but I wish they could sit on his lap and he could play loud music for them to dance to and share his candy bag.  He was the best grandfather and I feel like my youngest children missed out on knowing a great person.  

     It's Father's Day this weekend and his birthday this month and the next few weeks will be hard.  I will share stories and pictures of him with my kids.  My heart will continue to cry the lost of him, but I will continue to smile.  I know he continues to live in me and through them.

     Happy Father's Day Daddy!
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