Hemophilia Shout Out during AFC Divisional Playoffs!

      The hemophilia community is such a small community compared to cancer or sickle cell disease, so I just jump for joy when I come across a hemophilia shout out to help spread awareness.

     During the busy AFC Divisional Playoffs, Indianapolis Colts Cornerback, Josh Gordy was chosen as a feature player to discuss his interest.  Since he is a huge Advocate in spreading awareness of hemophilia, our community was given a shout out!  The writer, Stephen Holder, even let him elaborate on what hemophilia was and give an example of some of the complications having hemophilia causes his nephew, Nolan Andrews, who has severe hemophilia A with an inhibitor.

Clink link to read article by Stephen Holder for The Star Press Jan 10, 2013:
Gordy supporting Hemophilia of Georgia "Trot to Clot Walk" 2011

     So of course I have to support the Colts this weekend in beating the New England Patriots this weekend!!

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